Tips For Finding Your House Water Shut Off Valve


Your main house water shut off valve is located outside, probably in a metal box, or flush with the lawn or sidewalk. If you need help finding it, call a plumber, like Mike Counsil Plumbing. You can also turn it manually. A plumbing professional can show you where to find it and how to turn it. This will help you keep the water supply from running to various areas of your home. Here are some tips for finding the water shut off valve.

First, identify where the main house water shut off valve is located. If it is located near your water heater or your dishwasher, you can use that to shut off the water. This will prevent any water from entering other areas of the home, such as the laundry or dishwasher. Once you’ve found the main house shut off valve, turn the valve off to make sure that you’re not using water in other areas of the house. Make sure that you have a backup plan if you need to turn off the main water supply in a hurry.

To tighten the shut off valve, remove the union nut. Tighten it by hand using a wrench. A proper fit will prevent water from escaping. You can also add a small amount of oil to the valve. If you can’t find the union nut, heat it up slightly to dissolve any debris that’s accumulated on its surface. If the union nut is loose, the water will be unable to flow.

A good whole-house water shut off system will reduce the potential for loss and limit the damage in your home when you’re away. The system will detect any abnormal flow of water and shut off the water supply automatically. These systems are available from reputable vendors and are often discounted by homeowners insurance providers. You can even use a smart thermostat to support your risk management efforts. A smart thermostat can monitor temperatures and alert you to any sudden change.

If you’re not able to turn off the water for your home, you can find the valve in your property’s exterior. Often it’s located within your property lines, though digging is necessary. Sometimes it’s hidden beneath shrubs. Usually, an outside water meter has a water valve between the face of the meter and the curb. The arrow on the top indicates the direction in which water flows. To turn the valve, you can use a water shut off key. You should turn it so that the arrow points to the curb.

Another good way to shut off the water is by turning the valve counterclockwise or clockwise. It’s also a good idea to remember the way to turn these valves: righty-tighty-loose. Make sure to close the main water shutoff valve on a regular basis. This can prevent a water leak or water damage. If you leave town for an extended period, shut off the main water valve and shut off power to the hot water heater before you return home.