FAQ About Sump Pumps


What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is designed to remove accumulated water that will be stored in its basin, this process will keep the areas dry while preventing floods. Usually, the sump pumps will be found in the basements of homes, if your home is not safe during rainy or flood times, it’s good to construct a sump pump.

A good working sump will be the priority for any homeowner against a basement flood, whether it’s caused by a storm or a plumbing leak.

How do I know if my sump pump is working?

The one thing you need to do is to free the exterior drain pipe of any debris. Check whether the water is directed away from your foundation. Then ensure the power connection and see if you can hear the motor running. 

One more way to test your sump pump is by pouring water into it just to trigger the automatic start, once the pump is triggered it should drain quickly. If it doesn’t start, then there’s an issue.

Is it normal for a sump pump to run continuously?

The sump pump must be running only when it’s needed, not all the time. Don’t kick more than two times a day. If your sump pump runs continuously service it as soon as possible this may happen due to a malfunction in the system. The more it runs, the heat will be too much and there are chances for breakage which will lead to full replacement at higher costs. 

Why do sump pumps fail?

Suppose if your basement gets wet, then a single pump can’t manage the power of a high volume of water coming in. Make sure that your sump pump is receiving the proper amount of voltage.

Other reasons for pump failure may be due to clogged sump pumps and switches, or frozen or clogged lines. 

Make the line of the sump pump clear as it passes out the clean groundwater, if it connects with a laundry machine or water softener then it may result in corrosion.

What is the average life expectancy of a sump pump?

Most pumps last around 10 years. If the sump pump is free from dirt and acidity it can run for a long time.


Depends on the type of system you have, if you have an electric one then it will turn on automatically when it reaches the maximum level. For manual systems, you have to switch on yourself whenever you want water removed.


Two different kinds are the pedestal and the submersible. The motor for the pedestal type will be at the top of the tank which will be easier to service too. Whereas, the motor for the submersible type will be inside the tank so servicing can be a hazardous task.

What are the factors to consider when selecting your sump pump?

Location of the sump pump to be installed, The size of your property, The moisture and water conditions you are dealing with, The volume of water in the pump, Your budget